Destination: Hawaii

December 5, 2018

It’s been four years running that we’ve had the blessing of travel to the Hawaiian islands to compete with Wimmer Solutions. We arrive from stateside locations, with a common goal in mind: to experience the feelings of distant family having come together for community. Wimmer Solutions is a collection of high-character people, those who pursue the bond and cohesion that lacrosse passes amongst us all.

The Wimmer Solutions Team, Hawaii 2018.

Care Creates Community. Our slogan and calling, a constant reminder of the admiral desire in us all to give to those around us. We find that a simple gesture: a hug, a call, a thoughtful answer to a question. These are the moments that deliver caring. Caring, nurturing, friendship, love: these are the attributes that create a family, a community, a tribe. We play for one another, we work for one another, we hustle for one another.

Proud to represent the Give & Go Foundation. After just a year of work, we feel we are already making a positive impact.

We arrived this year with our own persuasions: to bring about awareness to our cause, and further strengthen our feelings of reason behind the Give & Go Foundation. We fostered our passion through giving. We strengthened our resolve through volunteering. Countless miles, heavy packs on our shoulders, sweat on our shirts. We’ve been blessed to travel to multiple countries to pass along our game and its virtues. We’ve seen the enthusiasm of Europe, hope in Nicaragua, and inspiration on the southern tip of Argentina.

We rocked our Shirts and played hard for the cause.

On arrival in Oahu… you find yourself at peace with the destination and journey. We have arrived in paradise to (in a quite relaxed manner), prove our wits and showcase our skills. Yet, there is something more involved. The development of friendships that grow with each year. The aura of a tribe. The celebration of graduation. The temptation of Paradise.

Wimmer Leader and Founder, Matt Sauri.

Many stay for longer, to travel the islands… to explore, to connect with new places, to see new vistas. But we must go… We’ve passed along our love, our passion, and spirit of inspiration. We brought equipment, shared our Give & Go shirts, and reminisced on the journey with the Give & Go Foundation. To grow the game, to pass it down to those who have that twinkle in their eye… to always maintain the true understanding of what brought us together. A bond to the original creator: the one who brought this powerful medicine into our lives. We are thankful for you, and for the amazing places you have brought us on our path.

See you all around the bend,

The Give & Go Family

Adam Ghitelman

Scott Ratliff

Mary Fuschillo