Leadership Spotlight: Alvaro Peinador Cassano

December 28, 2018

We arrived on the scene in Barcelona, ajoined by forces of spirited lacrosse enthusiasts, yearning to learn more about the game and create energy in their Spanish metropolis. Alvaro stood out amongst the group, showing unparalleled joy and happiness in his play and willingness to learn. Alvaro has conducted a masterful development plan for the growth of lacrosse in Barcelona. He has led efforts to solidify the Spanish National Team, both at a local and regional levels. Alvaro continues to support the development of lacrosse by bringing the game to schools, and most recently, hosted the Notre Dame Lacrosse program to provide coaching and development resources for Spain Lacrosse. Lacrosse has appeared on Spanish national television, thanks to Alvaro and his team. We continue to work alongside Alvaro, and look forward to assisting their programs as they enjoy a wonderful rise in popularity and interest in the beautiful country of Spain.

Please enjoy our interview with Alvaro. We love the story about his first experiences, and how the game has positively affected his development as person. Alvaro exhibits gratitude for the virtues that the game can lend to players of all ages.

Name: Álvaro Peinador Cassano

Social: @alvarocassano

Where do you coach? Barcelona, Spain

What is your program affiliations? Spanish National Team, Barcelona Dracs Lacrosse Club

Hobbies: Sports, traveling and meeting new people and different ways to do things. Investment and Wealth Management. Startups, designing Business Models and new sales methodologies.

Favorite Food: Lobster and sea food. I’m also a obsessed sushi and ramen lover. (Shoutout Jerry Ragonese, @FlowGo37.

How did you start playing lacrosse?

I started 4 years ago, when a guy who was playing in my football (soccer) team encouraged me to give a try to lacrosse. I did it in a rainy day in Barcelona, which are not very usual. The very first drill of my first training was dodging. I had to dodge a HUGE Slovakian player (6,4ft and 245pounds) who was playing for Barcelona at that time. So I ran very decided, and extremely naive way (from what I know today about the game), and this guy pushed me to the sky with all his strength. My body ended completely wet in a puddle, with my eyes looking to the sky, and in this moment i thought…I like this sport!

How has lacrosse impacted your life off the field?

Sport is a healer and lacrosse is a medicine. Lacrosse shaped my personality in the last four years. The game basically changed my whole life since i started playing. I learned uncountable life lessons because of the game. I learned about trust and solidarity, to work tirelessly for a project, and to give without expecting anything in exchange.  Every lacrosse player knows Lacrosse is different and it truly changes lives. And we all know how close is our community and how much love and respect there is between every lacrosse person (Player, coach, ref). I have met truly incredible people due to lacrosse, and within them, I met the girl of my life.

What are qualities and traits that you have developed playing the game of lacrosse?

Non-stop learning and being teachable.

What is your greatest passion about the game?

The people involved in the game. The goal of make this sport known all around the world to reach the objective of helping people through the game.

What is a great lesson you have learned that you would like to share?

“Always giving everything you know or have, there will always be someone in the other side who will appreciate it like a huge gift” “Keeping the smiles and hugs a second longer” “How you face adversity is what defines who you are”

Why should a New Player join lacrosse?

Because of the lacrosse community. No one said never I don’t like lacrosse or the people involved in the game.

Greatest Lacrosse Memory: Playing the World Championship 2018 in Israel.

Coolest Place You’ve Traveled to Play or Coach: Netanya, Israel.

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