The #GrowTheGame Roadtrip: Part I

December 20, 2018
The course of the Roadtrip. Graphic Designed by Liam Murphy.

We have an urge to write, to explore, and to detail our story. Our team is on a constant path to share our thoughts, experience, and adventure as we go. At the Give & Go Foundation, we have reached locations across the globe, in attempts to spread our enthusiasm for lacrosse, and expand our lives through experience. From Portugal to Argentina, to Sweden and the Czech Republic. This winter, we felt it was time to pass our efforts onto the domestic lacrosse communities of the United States. From our homebase in Park City, Utah we pulled out the map and spotlighted intriguing locations that would excite experience on the road, and allow us to impact communities through the great game of lacrosse. Along the road we chose: Lake Tahoe (CA), Bend (OR), Portland (OR), Boise (ID), and Jackson Hole (WY).

The #GrowTheGame RoadTrip was an activation of our desires to get out on the road, and just go. To experience new places, meet new people, and expand our love for the game. We often must create our own opportunities to bring the gift of lacrosse to communities around the world. We map, coordinate, we plan… we execute our ideas into action. Our goal is to bring support to underserved communities all over the world, and to honor the budding networks of inspired lacrosse athletes, their families, coaches, and the driven leadership that make these communities bloom.

We jumped on the road from Park City UT to Lake Tahoe California, filled the car to the brim and set off, with hopes of adventure and connection. Joined by our wonderful Vizsla pup, Bodhi, who is experiencing his first expedition on the road. We cruise through the great expanse of the West, stopping to stretch under the sun and fill our coffee cups. We continue to express our enjoyment of the journey… training our focus on the moments: moments that ultimately become etched in our minds. We trailblaze the road towards the west, imagining the travels of those who came way before us… the frontiersmen and adventurers searching anew. We visualize the indigenous and pay respect to the people who nurtured these vast lands. We think of our game, and its roots amongst the North American topography. The battles, the enduring passages, the medicine game

We reach Lake Tahoe in the late evening, under brilliant stars shining through silhouettes of towering evergreens. We are thrilled to be at our first location and look forward to our upcoming event in the Reno/Lake Tahoe Region.