University Lacrosse in Belgium

June 17, 2019

Assist Belgium’s Inaugural Collegiate Lacrosse Teams

Inspired players in Belgium have been given the opportunity to bring lacrosse to the University level. The team is in need of equipment for both it’s men and women’s teams. We are will fundraise to purchase and deliver new equipment to outfit Belgium’s newest sport at the collegiate level.

Our Why

We had our first touch with the Belgian lacrosse community during our first-ever international clinics in Barcelona, Spain. Players from all over Europe flocked to the free clinics, and we were able to meet many passionate players from all over the continent. A player that stood out, a young man named Guilleme, has continued to spread his love for the game in his native country of Belgium. We received a message from Guilleme, exclaming that he had promoted the game of lacrosse to his local university, where they have granted him the opportunity to bring lacrosse into the University athletics system. Guilleme and Belgian lacrosse players at UCLouvain have utilized budgets to fundraise for team travel and coaching. They come to us for our support to deliver equipment to outfit both their men’s and women’s lacrosse teams. We were thrilled for the opportunity to support our friend and the growth of lacrosse in Belgium, so we got to work.

The Plan

One of the pillars of our mission to #GrowTheGame, is to utilize our relationships in the lacrosse community to lower the barrier of entry to the sport of lacrosse. We are grateful for our relationships with philanthropic lacrosse equipment companies like STX, StringKing, ReLax Collections, and SwaxLaxBalls. We are driven to fundraise for the cost to purchase helmets, gloves, shoulder pads, elbow pads, and a complete stick setup (6 long poles & 19 short poles) for 25 men’s players. In addition, we will activate the women’s program by fundraising for Women’s Goggles and Sticks for 25 student-athletes.

Our goal is to support and empower the development of the first ever University team in the country of Belgium. We believe this could impact the long-term growth of lacrosse in an entire country.

The Impact

The growth opportunity for lacrosse in Belgium could be positively impacted by the UCLouvain lacrosse programs. By creating a University program, it will increase the stature of lacrosse as a sport in the country. Also, it will attract students to the game, and continue educational and exposure opportunities for lacrosse in Belgium. The partnership between The Give & Go Foundation will create a ripple-effect for younger generations, as UCLouvain student-athletes will become involved in the community to help strengthen youth lacrosse programs, bring lacrosse to local schools, and provide a coaching platform for it’s current players. We believe that by pursuing our goal to equip the University’s lacrosse programs it will create a sustainable program, and a inspire deep pride in the values of giving back to the game.

How can I help?

You can get involved by making a small contribution to the Belgium Lacrosse Initiative! Every dollar counts as we work to fundraise! Your donation can bring national exposure to lacrosse in Belgium, and catalyze the development of Continental Europe’s first men’s and women’s University Lacrosse programs.