Ute Keydet Tour: #GrowTheGame Inpiration

July 5, 2019

Jimmy Perkins, University of Utah

#GrowTheGame Inspiration

Sometimes when I take a step back and think about, “where would I be without lacrosse?” It
often scares me. This sport has given me so much in life that it’s almost hard to wrap my head around it
but it has truly integrated itself into a part of who I am and how I live on a daily basis. Many people
often refer to the sport of lacrosse as a medicine game and in my eyes it really is. From the roots and
origins of the sport to the bond a player has with his or her stick, lacrosse is different from any other
sport. Playing almost every sport growing up, none of them have quite the same feeling you get when
playing the sport of lacrosse on both a physical and spiritual level. It has given me an escape from the
real world and helped me through some of the toughest times in my life and without those who
introduced me to the sport and inspired me to be like them growing up, I’d never have the life
experiences I have been so fortunate to have had. So for me, being able to give my time to help grow
this great game through the Give & Go Foundation means more than just an opportunity to coach
lacrosse. This is an opportunity for me to travel the world with two of my best friends to inspire others
to play the game that has given me everything in life.

Having the opportunity to touch someone’s life a half a world away and potentially inspire them
to play this game would be a dream come true. From traveling all across the country, to giving me some
of my best friends in life as well as not only one but two quality educations, the game of lacrosse has
given me more than I could have ever asked for when picking up a stick for the first time in fifth grade.
Now it’s my turn to give back to the game and sport that has given me so much by representing the Give
& Go Foundation in Europe this summer. Being fortunate enough to still get to play the sport of lacrosse
in college, I can not thank those enough who have helped me along the way to get me to this point of
my career, as without them I would not be who I am today through my experiences. So if I could be
responsible for giving just one person the joy that this sport has given me then I will be forever grateful.
I am truly thankful for this opportunity to represent the Give & Go Foundation and grow the game of

Samuel Cambere, University of Utah

#GrowTheGame Inspiration

Words cannot describe how grateful I am to be able to attend this trip to Europe through
the Give and Go foundation. Lacrosse has offered many amazing opportunities throughout my
life including, meeting my best friends and biggest role models, learning imperative life lessons,
and ultimately shaping me into the person I am today. The second I started playing in the second
grade I fell in love with it. I have gone through countless practices, games, team meetings, and
film sessions, and I can’t get enough of the game. Every time I’m on the field there is nowhere
else, I would rather be because lacrosse provides me with a sense of happiness nothing can
I have a tremendous passion for the sport of lacrosse, and it is exciting to see how much it
is growing every day. I now play at the furthest west division one lacrosse school in The United
States and I am able to receive a high education while doing so. Also, with the addition of the
Premier Lacrosse League this year, lacrosse can now be exposed to many more people. I am so
thankful for everything lacrosse has given me, but now it is my turn to help do the same for other
Therefore, to me this trip means more than just experiencing a once in a lifetime
opportunity to coach clinics in Europe with my best friends. It is a chance to give back to the
great sport that has done so much for me. I am able to do this by sharing the love I have for
lacrosse and help underprivileged people of all ages get a chance to experience something
everyone deserves. I am able to do this with the Give and Go foundation which provides people
with equipment and the knowledge and love for the game that my teammates and I share. My
hopes are to have a positive impact on someone’s life while on my journey.

Sean Doyle, VMI Assistant Coach

#GrowTheGame Inspiration

I do not know where I would be without the game of lacrosse. No matter what
struggles I have dealt with in life, this game has always been there for me. Between
the relationships you build over the course of playing this game to the opportunities
it gives you off the field, this sport allows you to grow as a person. It will allow you
to learn ways to overcome obstacles throughout your lifetime in addition to giving
you opportunities that will help you succeed such as a college education

Besides playing, there is nothing I enjoy more than to teach the game of lacrosse. In
my career, I have been able to teach the game of lacrosse at all ages. I was able to
coach youth teams where the kids got to learn how to enjoy the game through basic
fundamentals. At the high school level I was able to teach a much more complex
portion of the game while developing them as young men. And now, teaching the
game on the college level where I can help mold a young man to prepare himself for
the world after college. In each of these tiers of coaching I have realized how much
passion lacrosse can pull out of you. I love seeing the passion people put into the
game of lacrosse because in return, a young man or woman will grow and develop
as they continue to play this game. The Give & Go Foundation has allowed me to
bring out the passion for this game in people all over the world. I hope that this
passion will allow people to have these opportunities to learn and develop as
individuals that will ultimately make them successful in life.