Scott Ratliff: An Interview with Sweden Lacrosse

October 23, 2018

Give & Go Foundation Interview: Sweden Lacrosse with Scott Ratliff


Tell us about the Give and Go Foundation!

The Give and Go Foundation was created with the mission to empower underserved lacrosse programs worldwide. Give&Go is focused on providing resources like coaching, equipment, as well as financial resources to programs that otherwise struggle to have access to these things. We believe every person in the world should have the opportunity to be introduced and participate in this amazing sport, and Give&Go is here to help make that happen!


What do we have to look forward to on the clinic August 21st?

This group of coaches are some of the most energetic and knowledge lacrosse coaches in the world. Not to mention some of the best players. These clinics will be first and foremost about having fun and creating relationships. Additionally we will focus on teaching drills and techniques that can be replicated in practices once we are gone. Our hope is that we leave the players who attend feeling inspired to continue to learn and improve as well as continue to share and grow this great sport.


What motivates you to help growing the sport?

The sport of lacrosse has given us so many great opportunities, friendships, values, and experiences in our life. Our hope is to share the sport so that as many people as possible world wide can have reap these same benefits.


How did you find your way to Sweden?

The thing that attracted us most to Sweden is the people! In other travels we have had the opportunity to meet people from Sweden and have always enjoyed those interactions. The lacrosse culture in Sweden is continuing to grow and we are hoping to build on the momentum gained at the 2018 world games!


Do you see any potential for the Give and Go Foundation to start cooperation with lacrosse communities in other countries, like Sweden? If so, how could such a cooperation look like?

The mission for Give&Go is solely to support existing programs. Our goal will be to learn about how we can help provide resources to the lacrosse programs already in existence in Sweden and what are the primary obstacles that are preventing the sports growth within your communities. This information will allow us to return to the USA and strategize on how we can help solve some of these problems!


How did you start playing lacrosse?

For me, lacrosse is a sport that was passed down from my father. He grew up in Baltimore Maryland which is one of the primary hub’s for the sport of lacrosse so he began playing at a young age. All of us on this trip have played and been around the sport for most if not all of our lives.


What are you strengths and weaknesses on the field?

I play long stick midfield position. My biggest strength is my stick work and conditioning which allows me to be great at ground balls. I like to think I am also a decent goal scorer with the D stick!


How does a typical day look like for you?

I always start my day with a morning workout or training session. Then usually I spend the afternoons working on my leadership development business, and night time coaching local youth players in Atlanta Georgia.


What kind of physical work out would you recommend to become a stronger lacrosse player?

Speed and conditioning is so important in lacrosse. I spend a lot of time on ladder drills & footwork exercises as well as long distance interval running.


Do you play box lacrosse as well?

I will be trying out for the USA national Indoor team, as will Marcus Holman and Will Manny. None of us currently play in the NLL but all have experience playing indoor lacrosse.


I have understood you’re pretty unique being a long stick that’s so much involved in the offensive play, tell us about your position on the field!

I have always believed it is important to affect the games as many ways as possible. Asa  long stick midfielder I have the opportunity to not only play a key role in the defense, but also find ways to create offense through transition and off number situations. I believe my commitment to stick skills and do conditioning are the two biggest factors that allow me to play this style.


Have you ever played with a women’s stick? If so, what was it like compared to a men’s stick?

Of course! The women’s stick does present some different challenges than the Men’s stick, with the smaller pocket. However with strong fundamentals I believe you can do anything with a Women’s stick that you can do with a Men’s! We are excited to work with both the Men’s and Women’s players!


Who do you consider to be the best lacrosse player ever? Best active player?

For me, the best lacrosse player ever is Brodie Merrill, the Canadian LSM / D player. Active right now I would say Tom Schreiber or Rob Pannell however our guys Marcus Holman and Will Manny could both make a great case!


Do you follow women’s lacrosse? Do you have a favourite player?

Yes! My favorite player is Alex Aust! She is an incredible player and ambassador of the game!


Give us your three top tips on how to become a better lacrosse player? (could be physically/mentally/tactically etc)

Keep the stick in your hands ALL THE TIME, Commit yourself to being in great shape, learn to view the sport as more than a game if you love the sport and use it as medicine it will return that love and so much more back to you!