Leadership Spotlight: Dave Madeira

July 4, 2019
Dave Madeira, former Brown Lacrosse star, is the Executive Director of Lacrosse in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Dave Madeira, a New Hampshire native, is a former Brown University lacrosse captain, and 4-year starter at Attack. Over the past few years, Dave has been deeply involved in the game of lacrosse, directing the design of non-hotbed lacrosse educational camps for Trilogy Lacrosse, and volunteering his time with Harlem Lacrosse. Dave took in the Give & Go Foundation during our #GrowTheGame Roadtrip. Not only did he coordinate clinics for boy sand girls; he gave us a roof to sleep under, poured us french-pressed coffee, and took us out to snowboard at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. We were ecstatic to see the enthusiasm and drive he has to build a great lacrosse community in Jackson, Wyoming. We could feel the energy of lacrosse throughout the Boy’s and Girl’s clinics. Dave has an inspired approach to educate the Jackson Hole community about the heritage of lacrosse, to respect the game’s roots and traditions, & to play with passion and love for the game. His connections to the work of Earth Lacrosse provide lessons to teach these values to young players. He works tirelessly to bring passionate pro players to Jackson, recently hosting Matt Kavanagh, Sergio Perkovic, & Sammy Jo Tracy. We interviewed Dave to find out more about his connection to lacrosse, how the game has impacted his life, and his goals for Jackson Hole Lacrosse.

GiveGoFund ‘Leadership Spotlight’ Interview with Dave Madeira


Dave Madeira

Where do you coach?

Jackson Hole Lacrosse Club

What is your leadership role within the program?

Executive Director, Jackson Hole Lacrosse Club

How did you start playing lacrosse?

Growing up in Vermont in the 90s, youth lacrosse didn’t exist. My next door neighbor, Greg Rozyki, was All-American and Captain for Brown’s 1994 Final Four Team. He would always bring his college teammates home and they would shoot on a goal in his yard. I was 10 and looked up to them a ton. When he graduated he dragged the goal into my yard and said “here, you can have this”. From then on that was it for me.

How has lacrosse impacted your life off the field?

First and foremost, the lessons I learned through the game from my best coaches and teammates taught me how to be a better person in many facets. Secondly, Lacrosse has made my world a lot smaller. It is the most supportive sport community there is. Every time I travelled or moved to a new place the first thing I did was reach out to the local lacrosse community to see how I could get involved – whether it’s playing club, coaching, or just volunteering. The relationships that were forged from those connections have given back to me ten fold.

What are qualities and traits that you have developed playing the game of lacrosse?

Healthy competitiveness, mostly with myself. To not be complacent and try and be better. ‘Stick-to-it-tiveness’ and a belief that if you work hard towards a goal or dream that good things will happen.

What is your greatest passion about the game?

The stick – stick skills, shooting, dodging, etc. It’s the ultimate sport for developing and honing a craft and having it be an expression of your own personality and style. Shooting in the backyard growing up is the ultimate sanctuary – alone or with friends.

What is a great lesson you have learned that you would like to share?

“Hard work beats talent if talent doesn’t work hard.” Bob Low, HS Coach’s Credo

Why should a New Player join lacrosse?

It’s the most fun game. If they try it and don’t think so, then it’s not for them. That is rarely the case.

Your Greatest Lacrosse Memory

I’ll list a bunch: HS Spring break pre-season trips to Royal Palms Tournament in Cocoa Beach, FL. Senior year in college turnaround season with Lars Tiffany at the helm. Summer Bounce Camp run by Mike Levin, and coaching with Simon Cataldo and the early Harlem Lacrosse boys from Frederick Douglas Academy. Cardigan Lacrosse Camp – pick up bball with Coach Kirst and then Coaches BBQ afterwards. Coaching Amped & 757 Select with the good people of Virginia. HatLax at War at the Shore Tourney. Trilogy Lacrosse Spring Break with my HS Coaches bringing their teams out, and running that event with Boyle & Trilogy crew and seeing kids enjoy that week as much as I did. Most recently – seeing the Jackson Hole Lacrosse players on the mountain on a powder day.


Skiing, Lacrosse, Hiking, SUP etc

Favorite Food


Coolest Place You’ve Traveled to Play or Coach


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  • Bob Low July 29, 2019

    Honored to have the shout-out from Dave, but he and his former teammates hav, in fact, provided me with countless memories through the years–8 fulfilling seasons of Holderness soccer and lacrosse, our Florida and AZ lacrosse trips, and Cardigan Mt. Lacrosse Camp. Jackson Hole Lacrosse is so fortunate!

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