Leadership Spotlight: Liam Murphy

December 20, 2018

Leadership Spotlight: Liam Murphy

Liam Murphy has been involved with The Give & Go Foundation since 2018, when he approached us about lending his support to our programs. Liam is a coach, and a gifted graphic designer who has a deep love for the sport of lacrosse. Over the past year, he has developed graphics for our numerous international clinics in which The Give & Go Foundation traveled through multiple countries on a month-long coaching tour.  He recently designed our graphic work for our Lacrosse All Stars #GrowTheGame Roadtrip, a 10-day adventure throughout the Great West. Liam’s volunteer work has allowed us to stay connected with our visual audience on our social media platforms.

We recently interviewed Liam in our Give & Go Leadership Spotlight.

Where do you coach?
Head Coach – Dover High School [NH], Assistant Director of Player Development Houlagan Lacrosse.
How did you start playing lacrosse?
My brother played for years earlier than me and his high school coach was always trying to get me to switch from baseball. After hockey my freshman year, I wanted to stay with my friends so I picked up lacrosse a week before tryouts.
How has lacrosse impacted your life off the field?
Lacrosse has had a huge impact on my life. I followed my dream of playing in college, which gave me a great education and a ton of professional development. I’ve been fortunate enough to stay in lacrosse working in media, marketing and coaching.
What are qualities and traits that you have developed playing the game of lacrosse?
Hard work, teamwork, leadership, and accountability.
What is your greatest passion about the game?
Helping create memories and long-lasting friendships. This game has given me great memories and even better friendships. I would love for kids to have the opportunity to have similar awesome experiences I was fortunate enough to have because of lacrosse.
What is a great lesson you have learned that you would like to share?
“Control what you can control”. In life and lacrosse, you can not control what other people doing but you are ALWAYS in control of your effort and attitude.
Why should a New Player join lacrosse?
Lacrosse is fast, physical, emotional, and builds lasting friendships! It teaches you to be compassionate for your teams, be tough – physically and emotionally, and is a great way to live a healthy lifestyle.
Greatest Lacrosse Memory
Winning the New Hampshire State Championship 8-7 with 0.03 seconds left after being down 7-2 late in the Third Quarter.

Check out Liam’s Graphic Design Work!

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